Why are there so many cheap flights home?

As the summer is approaching, suddenly a whole bunch of cheap flights has been popping up in my newsfeed. So if you’re looking for an excuse to jet home to winter in Australia, now is the time to book my friends.



And no your airplane will not look like that. We’ve advanced from cardboard boxes to magic carpets, with free-wifi obviously.

And thank you to my readers, or my “Little Vegemites,” for passing on these deals to me. I’ll post the instructions below.

And if you see any other deals, send them my way, so we can share!


United – Under $400

Yes, according to a View from the Wing, you can get flights from $400 and under! My word!!!


Delta – $675 Return!

  1. Delta . www.delta.com
  2. Choose flight NYC (all airports) -> Syd
  3. Pick your date range (I found these flights on select dates between July-October)
  4. Choose flexible date option
  5. Book flights

But can anyone explain to me why fares are cheap right now? I’m guessing it’s because it’s winter in Australia and mostly home sick Aussies like myself are hoping to head home!

But will Qantas start offering cheap fares? I hope so. I always love flying QANTAS, and after all, I still call Australia home!


But I couldn’t end this post with a strange throwback to Robyn Archer’s classic Aussie 90’s kids song Eating on a Plane, which obviously all Aussies sing before every flight.






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