Valentine Day Story – Bursting the bubble… a little

I came across this story last week on the Virgina Pilot website.

A 93-year-old World War II veteran from the United States embraced his wartime girlfriend in Australia in their reunion Wednesday after more than 70 years apart.

Isn’t that adorable? And just in time for Valentine’s Day too. How convenient…

After the story was broadcast online, Air New Zealand stepped in and paid for the Veteran’s ticket.

I think what’s important to note when reading this story is that for many Australian wartime brides marriage to their American was not all sunshine and lollipops, according to Kate Darian-Smith in her book On the Home Front .

According to Darian-Smith, 7000 war brides married American men. They were met with many challenges including difficulties securing residency status from the US government, rendering many stateless. But more importantly, many women returned to Australia citing difficulties including, bigamy, desertion, and divorce. Lovely.

Did you like the reunion story? Or do you prefer more realistic and representative stories of wartime experience?


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