Rebel Wilson before she was Fat Amy!

It’s time for another fun post! It’s getting towards the tail end of my semester, which means avoiding any serious bloggin with a fun listicle about Aussie celebs. Whenever I talk to my friends I love showing them videos of Australian celebrities before they were famous.

Let’s start it off with Rebel Wilson!


  1. Rebel Wilson – So we all know Rebel Wilson from fun movies such as Pitch Perfect and Bridesmaids. But back in the day, she used to appear on this little show called Fat Pizza (2003). Fat Pizza was a pretty foul ( but hilarious!) show, in which Rebel Wilson played Toula  “an obese Greek-Australian girl.” The show was pretty politically incorrect so if you’re offended easily I wouldn’t watch this next clip!
  2. So we all know Chris Hemsworth as Thor ( and no he is not a close personal friend….yet!), but back on the day he appeared on a little Aussie soap called Home and Away, in which he played Kim, student/lifeguard/ personal trainer. Check out this next clip where a lot of Aussie mates and ‘good on ya’s’ are thrown around.

    3. Phillip Quast – This final video is for all you Les Miserables fans out there. If you’re a real die hard fan you’ll know Phillip from the  Les Miserables 10th Anniversary Concert, in which he killed it performing the piece Stars. But back in the day, this is how I knew Phillip as one of the hosts of Play School, one of Australia’s longest running children’s shows, it’s a little bit like Mister Roger’s Neighbourhood.


    For those of you who have been trying to imitate my accent ( basically everyone), I suggest you study these clips!

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