Nikki Durkin – International Women’s Day Inspo

Tomorrow is International Women’s day so I thought I would post about Nikki Durkin an Aussie entrepreneur that was based in New York. Durkin originally gained attention at 18 when she started her own app 99dresses, ultimately the app failed and Durkin moved back to Australia. Nikki wrote an incredibly open and honest blog post about her experiences. Take a read! It doesn’t get more honest than that.

But according to The Australian Durkin is once again making strides, she has co-founded an “enterprise that teaches kids how to make apps.” Sadly, The Australian didn’t provide any links to her new program or give the title! But it’s so rare to hear about Australian tech startups started by women that I wanted to feature her anyway.

Here’s a video she recently made talking about the importance of innovation in Australia.  This is also a really interesting issue given that 20,000 Australians are working in the US in the tech, which is being hailed by some as a brain drain on Australia’s tech talents.

Update: I tweeted Nikki and she let me know her new venture is called Code Camp! So check it out 🙂


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