Maternity Leave – An Aussie Right?

With the US election around the corner ( and possibly an Australian election!), I’ve been thinking about a lot of issues, particularly maternity leave, which is standard in Australia. But not in the USA. Maternity leave should be a right; we know that women that are granted maternity leave are more likely to return to work. 



I came across this post by Laura Forer on the Australian Women in New York blog. A scary statistic she shared was that 30% of women in the US do not even take maternity leave. All parents should be able to take leave. So Laura is running a campaign to help spread the word! If you’re a citizen, help fight for maternity leave rights! CLICK HERE! 


As President Barack Obama said during one of his weekly addresses, “Family leave, childcare, flexibility — these aren’t frills. They’re basic needs. They shouldn’t be bonuses – they should be the bottom line.”

One thought on “Maternity Leave – An Aussie Right?

  1. Thanks for the shout out and the support! It may take a while here in the US, but I’m optimistic that we can leave a better situation for the next generation thanks to so much grass roots support for this worthy cause.

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