Maria Sipka – International Women’s Day Inspo Part 3

It’s the third and final part of my International Women’s Day Inspiration series and I’m excited! 


Today  I’m profiling Maria Sipka CEO and founder of Linqia, based in San Francisco. I came across Maria’s profile on Rare Birds. Rare Birds is an Australian-based organization, their mission “is to give every woman globally the opportunity to become an entrepreneur by choice.”

Instead of explaining  Linqia, I think Maria explains it better.

Maria has plenty of advice for female entrepreneurs wanting to get started in tech. I loved this quote from Maria on Rare Birds about balancing family and career.

“For Sipka, it’s about coming to terms with yourself. “Very rarely do I allow myself to feel guilty because I learned through my own childhood that it’s about the quality of the time rather than the quantity of time. And to be quite frank, I can’t imagine myself as a full-time stay-at-home mom and have so much admiration and respect for women who pursue this path.”

As a young woman starting her professional career, I’ve enjoyed learning about these women. I had no idea Australia had produced so many female entrepreneurs. Organizations like Rare Birds are so important in shining the light on female entrepreneurs and facilitating these kinds of conversations. Thank you!

Are there any women Australian or American entrepreneurs you’re inspired by? Comment bellow!

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