It’s time for a post about Donald Trump

Well my readers, the time has come for me to post about Donald Trump. He’s made some, shall we say, interesting comments in relation to Australia and overall the Asia Pacific region.

But first off, I’d like to point out that when you run a Google image search of “Donald Trump and Australia,” this is what you get….

Photo Credit: Herald Sun

A picture of him with the Australian winner of the 2004 Miss Universe pageant Jennifer Hawkins. So he’s obviously an expert in the field…. becuase you can’t get more Australian than Jennifer Hawkins.

In all seriousness though, if you read my previous post about submarines, you’ll know that tensions are a little high in regards to security in the Asia Pacific region.

According to Peter Hartcher, the Sydney Morning Herlad international politcal editor, Trump has made an,ahem, “idiotic and potentially incendiary claim about one of the world’s most flammable strategic tinder boxes.” Hartcher went on to write that,

Donald Trump told the New York Times that, as president, he would “perhaps” lay claim to one of the disputed islands of the South China Sea for the US…

It would be tantamount to an American declaration of hostilities against China, in return for nothing it actually wants.

Simultaneously, it would insult the sovereign claims of US friends and allies who also claim the same islands.


So all in all, a job well done?






Not so GiPHY Rebel Wilson!


Meanwhile, Mark Latham, the former oppossition leader of the Australian Labor party has come out in support of Trump. In his new column for The Daily Telegraph he said that his foreign policy is, “in our best interest” and that if he kept his promise  “a Trump presidency would mean no more fiascos like Vietnam and Iraq, sparing young Australian lives from the futile killing fields of US-led invasions.”

I’m sorry but you can’t take anything this man has to say seriously. As Amanda Meade pointed out last year, Latham has attacked the Australian of the year, domestic violence campaigner Rosie Batty, and has referred to the transgender military officer Catherine McGregor as “he/she” in his previous column with the Australian Financial Review. That’s just the start of his crazy behaviour.

Latham’s endoresement of Trump should not be considered newsworthy, his previous behaviour disqualifies him. I hope he doesn’t represent what other Australians are thinking.


But what do you think? In any way shape or form could Trump be good for Australian/American relations?



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