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I came across this article from the Gothamist about Brooklyn-themed restaurants in Brisbane. I have to say, it was full of misconceptions about the Australian USA relationship.

“America is always three or four years ahead of where we are; we’re like America’s little brother, really,” Brandon said. “All the ideas come out [in the U.S.] first,” 

Shannon added. “Everybody goes over there and just borrows the ideas and brings them back here and says, ‘Look what I made up!’” and then you go, ‘hang on, didn’t I see that in America three years ago?”

Yes, it is true for a lot of areas such as,  Technology. Movies. America is a heck of a lot larger than Australia. They’re bound to be ahead of us. In some areas. But! When it comes to food we have plenty of our own ideas.

Come and check out my next blog when I head to some Aussie owned cafe’s in NYC that are making waves here!

Don’t forget America we invented the Flat White, which even Starbucks serves now. You’re. Welcome.

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