Guess what Mum? I made a video!

Hello to all my readers!

But this week you’re not only readers but viewers, as I debut my first Vlog or Video Blog on what I miss about home. ┬áComment below and tell me what you miss about home!

One thought on “Guess what Mum? I made a video!

  1. It’s not just the Tim Tams its biscuits with a really good cup of tea. Biscuits not cookies or biscotti . It’s true that Twinnings are available in the US but it somehow tastes different and does not hit the spot. Is it the milk or the water? I have no idea but I sure miss a good cuppa when I travel to the US and when I lived there all i wanted was a nice biscuit. The closest thing in the 1980s to a biscuit was imported Dutch butter cookies. Sad times!

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