Down, Down, Down! The Aussie Dollar is Down!

The Australian dollar is down against lots of currencies, including the US dollar. Since New Years global markets have been feeling the burn, but it’s a great opportunity for Australian tourism.

Qantas just announced record profits. While The Australian reported that, not only is tourism is rising, but tourists are spending more. Gordon Hunter an expat from Dallas Texas said that,

“We have been taking cabs and Uber instead of walking or only taking buses and subways. We have enjoyed some white tablecloth restaurants instead of roadside diners. And there’s the chance to pick up two bottles of wine at the store instead of one.”

In 2014 American tourists spent $2.4 Billion  Australian dollars and Virgin Australia is spending big to attract American tourists.

So what does that mean for tourism operators trying to communicate to American audiences that they should come visit Australia? Well I took a little look.

Tourism Australia launched a new campaign, There’s Nothing Like Australia, with Chris Hemsworth, aka Thor! Although Hemsworth only provided the voice over. Mashable reported the launch of the campaign and the story has had over 800 shares.

But, tourism campaigns like this are pretty run of the mill for Australia. But how do you tourism operators communicate that Australia is great value too? Is it ok to appeal to audiences hip pockets? Or is it better to just show off great visuals?


I love this campaign by Visit Japan, which was appealing to tourists in their 30’s by producing a series of videos, on what you can do for $100 a day in Japan. Apparrently a lot! I think Tourism Australia needs to produce content that better speaks to different audiences!

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