America’s New Best Friend?

Apparently Australia is the US’s new best friend? I’m sorry to tell you but Australia has always maintained a close relationship with the ol’ USA of A. I recently read this article in the Financial Times.  The headline is a a tad misleading. On closer inspection the article is about Australia’s ties growing closer to the USA.

“Australia has long been an important partner of the US and is involved in the anti-Isis coalition, even if it has turned down post-Paris requests to do more. But it is through its growing role in Asian geopolitics, the administration’s long-term priority, that Australia is becoming a real core ally.”

I think it’s important to note when reading articles like this that it’s important to note that Australia has always felt we had a ‘special relationship’ with the USA, but the USA doesn’t always share those values. This was made abudantly clear in Hilary Clinton’s recent memoir, Hard Choices where Australia barely rates a mention.



With the coming Presidential election it will be interesting to see what Australia’s role will be.



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