Alex Keating – International Women’s Day Inspo Part 2


Happy International Women’s Day everyone! I loved writing about Nikki Durkin so much I thought I would continue the theme!

After some more research, I came across this article in The Finacial Review about another Aussie female entrepreneur doing amazing things in NYC and it’s Alex Keating. Alex is the CEO of DWNLND service that lets anyone with a website create a personal app, it’s the Squarespace of apps. I loved what she said in an interview on Refinery 29 about being a woman in tech,

“Yeah, I love being one of the boys. I don’t think it’s affected me. A lot of people say it’s hard and we’re women and we need to stick together. I think it works to your advantage because if you walk into a VC’s office, chances are you’re the first chick that’s walked in there in like a month to pitch them about a business. They’re always going to remember you, so it’s a launching pad and it’s an opportunity for you to take that disadvantage and turn it into an advantage.”

It was also disappointing to read that Keating felt that  she had to leave Australia to build her start up.

“Success in Australia doesn’t communicate to the States. The tech talent is really not there from a recruiting point of view. That’s because the projects aren’t there to get the experience.”

Despite the fact that I have left Australia too and I understand what it means to work outside of the country, Alex is part of a growing group of talented Aussies taking their talents elsewhere.



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