5 Things Aussie Expats Are Sick Of Talking About

In case you didn’t read my about section, I’m an Aussie living in New York. When I first arrived it was great because everyone wanted to talk about Australia. But then it wasn’t so great because everyone wants to talk about Australia. Here are five things I’m sick of talking about every time I meet someone new.

    1. The Flight – Yes it is a long flight. Yes, I have survived. Do I have horror stories? Why of course I do. “It was a dark and stormy night…”



  • The Time Difference – At the moment, it’s sixteen hours. It is, in fact, tomorrow.  Oh really? That’s a big difference? I hadn’t noticed at all…..




  • Flushing Toilets – I have no idea if the toilet flushes the other way. It’s not a priority for me to inspect Australian toilets. But you are welcome to check Aussie toilets out whenever you visit me.




  • Differences between New York and Australia – Why yes, yes there are a lot of differences between New York. Do I feel like going into them right now? Not so much. Why don’t you explain American football to me?




  • Sharks – I do not know anyone who was attacked by a shark. Ever. Or spiders. I’m from the city. None of my close and personal friends are furry creatures.



Ok, ok, ok. I do enjoy exploiting my identity every now and again. But please stop asking me about Australian toilets! Are you an Aussie expat? Anything else you hate talking about?

2 thoughts on “5 Things Aussie Expats Are Sick Of Talking About

  1. So do you have koala bears in your back yard at home? Did you ride a kangaroo to school when you were a kid? These were the questions I was asked many years ago. I guess the other questions that constantly come up when travelling are: Are you British? Are you South African? Are you a New Zealander?

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